What is Ska and British Music Events 

Ska and British Music Events is an event company with a difference. 

Our  mission is:

  • To support and promote the Perth (WA) Ska and Brit music scene to a broader audience

  • Create events for the local UK bands (we know them all) and DJ’s that support Ska and British Music

  • Brand all of the events with the support of enthusiastic and professional like-minded creative people: 

  • Through our music events bring together the local British expat community including the scooter clubs, local British football fans and music lovers

  • Help support the local UK business community with partnering and sponsorship opportunities

  • Become the go to place to arrange your own Ska and British Music Event, including flash mobs, community events, gigs, festivals, Weddings, Birthdays and any excuse for a party.

  • Help support any Brit event or Charity where possible.